THE 1975 | 15.12.16

THE 1975 | 15.12.16

On the 15th December I was lucky enough to see The 1975 at the London O2, courtesy of my boyfriend getting tickets for my Christmas present. 

I saw the band last November at the Brighton Centre and it was such an amazing concert, so I was desperate to go again.

For both concerts I was standing, however last year I was stood somewhere in the middle between the barricade and back. This time I decided I wanted to try and get closer, and we managed to get to the 4th row from the front which was insane! 

​The set list was so great, and although I was disappointed that they didn’t play one of my favourite songs of theirs called “She Lays Down”, the songs they did play were still really good! ​​


The band’s stage presence is amazing, especially Matty’s. They really get into the music and are just so relaxed on stage, which creates such a comfortable atmosphere. 

Another thing I love about going to see The 1975 is their lighting and sets are the BEST. They use such a simple layout but the colours and background images make it look extremely creative and add a touch of detail. 

There was more to the concert experience than just the performance too. I met someone from twitter, and also talked to so many people before and during the concert. Everyone was so kind and friendly, and I spoke to a load of people I’d never met before. 

If there’s ever a chance for you to see The 1975, I would 100% recommend it. Even if you know none of their songs, the concert is awesome and so worth it!!



I love you.

Three simple words

yet so hard to say,

especially when you’ve 

never payed attention to me,

never even given a glance my way.

If only you knew me,

if only you felt the same way too.

Then those 

three simple words

wouldn’t be so hard to say

to you.



I’m someone that gets very stressed out, very easily. All it takes is a little too much that I have to do at one time and I start having an existential crisis. I get so stressed and a lot of the time I find myself extremely overwhelmed with things, so I thought I’d share some things that I do to help me deal with stress. 
1. Write a list
I’m a lover of writing lists. I find they really help me to break down everything I have to do, making it a lot less stressful because not everything is jumbled in my head. If I write things down in a list, I can complete each task one by one and it seems to make getting things done a lot easier. If each task is tackled individually, it makes things seem a lot less daunting. 
2. Take a step back
When you become too stressed, it can be too much to try and get things done. Having a bath, reading a book, watching a TV show, cooking your favourite food, doing some yoga etc. is the perfect way to unwind a little. I find that giving myself a bit of time to relax can help my head become a lot clearer and refreshes me, which helps me de-stress a lot. 
3. Get enough sleep
Staying up late allows more time for worrying, and can make you even more stressed out. Lack of sleep makes it harder to concentrate and makes you a lot more irritable, so getting some early nights (and at least 8 hours sleep) is really important. For myself I’ve learnt that if I get any less that 10 hours sleep I feel awful, so find out how much sleep you need to feel good and try to give your body this time to repair itself. 
4. Ask for help 
If you’re really stressed, talking to someone about it can help so much. If you’re a student and are finding it hard to deal with the amount of work, talk to your teachers. I’m sure they will understand and help you out somehow (such as giving you an extension on your paper). If you are stressed about some other aspect in life for example money, talk to a friend or family member. Having someone by your side to help you out is so beneficial. 
These are just a few tips I have for dealing with stress, and ones I try to follow when I find myself in that situation. It’s so important to take care of yourself, and I know stress can be hard to deal with but I promise it won’t always be this difficult! 



After completing blogtober exactly 2 weeks ago, I decided to take some time away from my blog. Posting every single day can get tiring, and I have so much more respect for people who do that all the time. Although it was fun it left my creativity running a bit dry, and it was hard for me to think of new ideas so frequently. 

Leaving my blog for just a short while has really helped me to feel a lot more refreshed, and I’m more excited to return and continue writing poems and posts. On top of that, I’ve been feeling a little down recently and so it was nice to have one less thing to focus on and stress over for a bit. 

Life shouldn’t always revolve around social media. I wrote a whole post on this here, and it was good to actually take my own advice for once. Although I didn’t completely avoid all social media for the past fortnight, cutting out just one app did help a lot. 

But now I’m back! I’ve decided to post every Monday, and hopefully that won’t be too much of a struggle for me (sometimes I get so caught up with other things in life that I completely forget). I look forward to writing more posts, and I hope you look forward to reading them!



At the beginning of this month I would never have expected that I would manage to write a blog post every day for 4 weeks, but here we are!

For the first week or so I had posts already written, and throughout the month I used occasional posts that I’d written for my old blogs. However, for the majority of October I wrote a blog post on the day I needed to upload. It was pretty challenging at first, but it’s become a normal part of my routine now and it’ll be sad to leave it behind. At the same time, I felt like some of my posts weren’t as good quality as they could have been if I’d had more time to write them, so I look forward to only posting once or twice a week. It’ll give me chance to think about my posts more and also write some more poetry! I’m glad I decided to do blogtober to start off my blog though as uploading wise, things will only get easier.

Blogtober has also given me the opportunity to discover so many other amazing bloggers and enjoy their daily posts. Plus, it’s allowed my own blog to grow a little and for more people to read my posts. I’ve received some really lovely comments and it makes me happy knowing that there are such kind people in the blogging community.

I’m so proud of myself that I managed to complete blogtober, as I usually give up with things like this (I end up missing a day or two and can’t be bothered to do anymore).

Overall, blogtober was really great. I’m so glad that I took part in it as I feel like I’ve developed as a blogger so much and my blog in general has improved too!



When I was a child

I never imagined

that life would be so hard.

Growing up,

you don’t realise

how many smiles are


how many people pretend to be


when in reality every single day is a struggle that becomes increasingly unbearable to face.



I am one of these people

who hides my pain behind a smile.

I try to get on with my life

and say that I’m fine,

but meanwhile

it feels like I’m living with a never-ending thunderstorm in my mind.



Yoga isn’t for everyone, especially those people who are more into very physical and exhilarating sports. However, personally I love taking a little time in my (slightly hectic) life to relax and de-stress.

There are both mental and physical benefits to yoga, which is why I enjoy it so much. Mentally, it allows me to forget about my problems and focus on something else. It also makes me feel a lot calmer and gives me a more positive outlook on things. Physically, I feel a lot more flexible even after just a few attempts of yoga, and if I do it just before I go to bed I can get to sleep in minutes!

With yoga, you can do it as a class somewhere and pay for it. Or, like me, you can do it at home by yourself for free! YouTube has so many videos that you can follow, and Yoga With Adrienne is one of my favourite channels to do yoga from. 

If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga, I would definitely recommend it! It really does have so many good impacts and it’s worth giving it a try; even if it’s not something you decide to do frequently. 



I try to put a lot of personality into my posts as to reflect myself, however I feel like this post will be one that helps my followers learn a lot more about me. Here are 20 random (ish) facts about myself, enjoy!

1. I live in England

2. At the moment I’m studying a music diploma at college 

3. My favourite colour is lilac

4. The taste of mint (such as gum) helps to make me less anxious / relaxes me

5. I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years

6. I’m a massive bookworm, and actually need to get a new book case because my current one has no space left on it (oops)

7. The veins on my left wrist are in the shape of a devil’s trident

8. I literally can’t leave the house without lipstick on

9. My favourite season is Autumn

10. I did ballet for 7 years but quit when I was 11 (and still regret that to this day)

11. Ready for a big shock…. I have never watched Harry Potter, and I’ve only read the first book; don’t hate me 

12. I enjoy photography a lot 

13. My makeup does not feel complete without winged eyeliner

14. I’m a super organised person (I love making lists and planning my week in a diary etc) 

15. For my 18th birthday I hope to do a skydive with my dad

16. I played netball for 5 years

17. I am not a massive fan of coffee; I’m more of a tea person

18. In the summer I cut my hair from my belly button to my collar bone… that’s a lot of hair 

19. My favourite thing about myself are my eyes because they are greeeeeen

20. I have my septum pierced 


You are amazing.

You are beautiful.

You are strong.

You are worthy.

You are kind.

You deserve to live a long

And happy life.
You may not believe that what I’m saying is true, that any of these words apply to you.

But your family, your friends, your loved ones and I, we all know that they do.

It may seem hard to think that you’ll ever be those things.

That you could be so great and wonderful, when it’s only negativity you seem to bring.

You feel useless and hopeless and stupid and weird (although I promise you won’t feel like that in a few years).

You don’t feel brave enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough to be here.

When you bring yourself down, you believe that you deserve it.

You don’t think you’re good enough, you don’t think you are worth it.

However, I have something to tell you, something important that you need to hear.

You shouldn’t have to constantly live with the fear that things won’t get better at all; not even after 10, 20, or 30 years.

Life will start looking up, and after time you’ll learn to love yourself too.

Don’t give up yet, I know that you’ll be able to make it through.



Every once in a while I like to take some time for myself; whether it be going for a walk, going to the beach, or having a movie marathon. It’s good to take a break from everything and spend some time alone. Sometimes things get a bit hectic, or I just get too overwhelmed by spending a lot of time with other people that I need to take myself away from it all and enjoy my own company for a bit.

There’s nothing wrong with spending time alone, and being alone doesn’t always mean you’re lonely. I have friends and family that will do things with me but I don’t always want to be around them because I like doing things by myself too. I feel like, as an introvert, I appreciate time spent alone and really don’t mind it at all; it just gives me the availability to do what I want to do.

When I make the decision myself to not see anyone and create adventures on my own / just have a chilled out day, I benefit a lot from it. It can make me feel a lot more stress free as I have the time to get important things done that are on my agenda (such as college work), or just be grateful for being able to relax.